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Afternoon Tea Delivery Solihull

As we start thinking about Christmas and what events we will be organising with work colleagues, friends and family make sure you get your catering booked in well in advance.

We are already seeing a large increase in the number of events compared to last year and we wouldnt want you to miss out.

Rather than a traditional buffet why don't you think about a festive afternoon tea delivery in Sollihull. This will include items such as mince pies, brandy cream and also seasonal delights. As well as the afternoon tea you can make it extra special by hiring in traditional crockery to really make it an occasion.

Afternoon Tea can be delivered for just 2 people or if you've got a much bigger gathering then up to 100 (even more if required).

If you would like to find out more about what we include with our afternoon tea then please visit our page

We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas celebrations and hope that we can provide some festive cheer with our food to help you all have a wonderful time.

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